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Barcode Printers

Barcode Printers: We are one of the reputed Distributers and suppliers of Barcode Printers in India. We have an exhaustive range of Barcode Printers that are available in varied configurations and technology set up. The range consists of direct thermal barcode printers, thermal tranfser barcode label printers etc. Our Barcode Printers are available in exclusive designs. The Barcode Printer made available by us is developed by advanced technology. From us, you can buy the Barcode Printer at competitive prices. We have all range of branded printers-Toshiba ,Godex,Zebra,Citizen,Argox,TSC,DataMax and Intermac..

TSC Barcode Label Printers

TTP-244 PRO – Desktop Thermal Transfer Bar Code Printer
The popular TTP-244 Pro thermal transfer desktop printer is known as the only inexpensive solution that offers a powerful processor, generous memory, internal scalable fonts and the world’s most popular barcode printer language emulations in one small package. The TTP-244 Pro is now 25% faster.

TSC TTP 225 Barcode Label Printer  
TSC TTP 225 Barcode Label Printer : Built with TSC durability, reliability and commitment to innovation, the 2-inch-format TDP-225 direct thermal printer features a compact design and high performance engine that make it ideal for retail and other labeling applications.

TSC TTP 245C Barcode Label Printer  
The TSC™ TTP-245C series of desktop thermal barcode printer, with its new, smaller footprint, offers the high performance that customers have come to expect from TSC™. Durable, reliable and fast, the TTP-245C generates 4-inch-wide labels, tags or receipts at up to 6 ips, offering a price-performance combination that is unmatched by other desktop thermal barcode printers on the market.

TSC TTP 247 Barcode Label Printer  
The new TTP-247 thermal transfer desktop barcode printer series delivers more performance for the price than any other printer in its class. Based on the design of its best-selling predecessor, the TTP-245 Plus, the TTP-247 runs at an impressive 7 inches per second, printing up to 4 inches wide at 203 dpi resolution.

TSC TTP 246M Barcode Label Printer  
The TTP-246M Plus die-cast bar code printer is designed to meet the most demanding identification and labeling requirements – at an affordable price. It features a user-friendly 6-button display and side-load design; standard serial, parallel and USB connectivity; and optional Ethernet networking for simple integration with other devices.

TSC TTP 345 Barcode Label Printer  
The new TTP-345 thermal transfer desktop barcode printer series delivers more performance for the price than any other printer in its class. The TTP-345 offers high resolution 300 dpi printing at 5 ips. Both models offer 8 MB of SDRAM and 4 MB of onboard Flash memory.


Zebra Barcode Label Printer

Zebra GC 420t Barcode Label Printer  
Zebra GC 420t Provides excellent value performance based on a customer-proven mechanical design. Built to be efficient and keep operations moving, the GC420 offers features that are typically found only in higher end products.

Zebra GK 420T Barcode Label Printer  
Zebra GK 420T Barcode Label Printer : These sleek and compact desktop label printers fit just about any space, budget, or application. Streamline your processes today with these thermal label printers.

Zebra S4m Industrial Printers  
Zebra S4M INDUSTRIAL PRINTERS : Print Methods: Direct thermal and Thermal Transfer (optional) Construction: Die-cast metal frame with sheet metal enclosure Metal media cover with enlarged clear window

Zebra ZM400 Industrial Printer  
Zebra ZM400 Industrial Printer : Print invoices, receipts, labels and more up to 4 inches wide with durable mobile printers that meet IP54 dust and water resistance requirements. Standard Features Thermal transfer and direct thermal operating modes (can only use one mode at a time) Die-cast aluminum base, frame, and printhead mechanism

Zebra Gt 800 Desktop Printer  
Zebra GT800 DESKTOP PRINTER : More Standard Features EPL and ZPL programming languages standard 32 bit RISC processor Quick and easy ribbon loading system Construction: ABS double-walled casing OpenACCESS™ design

TSC TTP 244 Plus Barcode Label Printer  
The TTP-244 Plus is ideal for customers looking for a high quality barcode printer, coupled with low ownership costs. The TTP-244 Plus is competitively priced, and accommodates a 300-meter-long ribbon, which keeps both daily and lifetime operating costs lower than other comparable printers)


Sato Barcode Label Printer

SATO CT4i Barcode Printer  
SATO CT4i Barcode Printer : With a 32 bit RISC CPU, 6ips print speed, up to 600dpi resolution printing capability, high speed interfaces, including wireless connectivity, the CT4i series is a powerful performer in a compact design. The CT4i series is perfect for environments where space is a constraint.

SATO LM408/412e Barcode Printer  
SATO LM408/412e Barcode Printer : Introducing the LM4e series of thermal printers by SATO. With its entry level pricing, the SATO LM4e line of products fit nicely into the budget of every Startup Company, or small business.

SATO CL408e/CL412e Barcode Printer  
SATO CL408e/CL412e Barcode Printer : The new "e" Series of CL printers brings the latest in technology to the world of Thermal Label Printing. The CL"e" Series printers offer high speed data transmission, unparalleled processing speed and large amounts of on-board memory to quickly and easily manage any label printing requirement.

SATO GL - 408e/412e Barcode Printer  
GL4e Series The NEW GL4e Series is SATO's most significant release of printing technology to date. Versatility and value are the cornerstones of the GL4e Series with features that surpass the competition.

SATO CG408/412 Barcode Printer  
SATO CG408/412 Barcode Printer with superior performance and affordable price, these 4", 203 or 305 dpi, Direct Thermal/Thermal printers are best in their class. The SATO CG Series models are delivered stock out of the box with competitive emulations onboard, optimal interfaces (built in USB standard) and an anti-microbial casing for outstanding performance in clinical and processing environments


Argox Barcode Label Printer

Argox CP 2140 Desktop Barcode Label Printer  
The compact ArgoxCP-2140 desktop printer not only saves space, it lets you install a large 300M long ribbon for bigger printing demands. Ribbons and media are easy to load, and you can select for ribbon ink-side in or ink-side out. A media sensor system delivers greater flexibility for diverse media and applications.

Argox OS -214 Plus Barcode Label Printer  
The Argox OS-214plus is the newest generation of Argox's most successful medium volume printer model. Its attractive and stylish design is just one of several new features and advanced functions.

Argox OS-2140D Barcode Label Printer  
The Argox OS-2140D direct thermal barcode printer offers excellent value for meeting your low- to medium-volume printing requirements. Fast and reliable with a printing speed of 4 inches per second, this printer features a 32-bit CPU, 4M Flash memory and 8M DRAM. It also offers extended printing length of up to 100-inches to facilitate a wide range of media.

Argox G- 6000 Barcode Label Printer  
The Argox G-6000 offers the industrial standard 6 inch width to give you high speed performance and greater extension of the printing area. Built-in LCD display, 2 MB flash memory, PS/2 interface for your PC keyboard provides the essential structure for Plug and Play stand-alone operation.

Argox X-1000VL Industrial Label Printer  
The new Argox X-1000VL industrial barcode printer offers outstanding performance and value in an all-metal housing well-suited for harsh environments. A 32-bit RISC microprocessor provides print speeds up to 4ips, which is ideal for medium-volume printing requirements.

Argox X-2000V Industrial Label Printer  
The versatile new Argox X-2000V industrial barcode printer features "stand-alone" operation using a standard PS/2 interface for connecting a PC keyboard or scanner for data input—no extra cost for KDU or printer controller is required.


Toshiba Label Printer

Toshiba TEC B-EV4 Barcode Printer  
For fast, on-demand labelling and ticketing direct from your desktop, look no further than the trustworthy B-EV4 range from Toshiba. With market-leading features, exceptional build quality and reliability, produce professional labels quickly and easily at the touch of a button.Compact professional label printing,Design and print straight from a PC

Toshiba TEC B-SA4 TP Barcode Printer  
Toshiba B-SA4TP Thermal Transfer/Direct Thermal printer, 200 dpi, 104mm Print width at 6 ips. Bidirectional parallel port, USB 2.0, LAN, Serial port, wireless LAN


Citizen Barcode Label Printer

Citizen CL-S621 Barcode Label Printer  
The powerful Citizen CL-S621 offers unparalleled versatility in the desktop thermal printer class. Printing in both direct thermal and thermal transfer modes, the CL-S621 features a 360-meter ribbon for greater productivity and reduced downtime.

Citizen CL-S631 Barcode Label Printer  
The powerful Citizen CL-S631 provides users with unparalleled features in the desktop thermal printer class. With crisp 300 dpi printing for images or fine text and an unprecedented 360-meter ribbon for greater productivity and reduced downtime the CL-S631 is a high-performance printer built for the desktop environment.


Intermac Barcode Label Printer

Intermec PF8T Barcode Label Printer  
Ideal for customers who are new to label printing or who are making the switch from laser or inkjet printers, the easyto-use PF8 reduces training needs and trouble tickets. Its double-wall clamshell construction is durable and makes media loading (and reloading) intuitive and virtually trouble-free.

Intermec PC 41 Barcode Label Printer  
Intermec's PC41 printer facilitates label printing in almost any environment including retail, office, healthcare, logistics, government, manufacturing, and warehouse – particularly where space is limited.

Intermec PM4I Barcode Label Printer  
A member of the smartest bar code printer family on the market, the Intermec PM4i is flexible and programmable, enabling customers to optimize their printing operations, streamline deployment, and achieve quick return on investment.


Datamax Printer

Datamax M-4206 Barcode Label Printer  
Datamax EX2 Barcode Label Printer : The M-Class is a compact, industrial-strength printer that offers outstanding value with a broad range of features. The smaller footprint is ideal when users need the power of industrial printers but must consider space limitations.

Datamax E-4205e Barcode Label Printer  
The Datamax E-Class Mark II thermal bar code printer family is designed to be the printer of choice when value, performance and features are the primary printer requirements. The E-Class Mark II Family consists of the E-4205e and E-4304e printers.

Datamax EX2 Barcode Label Printer  
The Datamax Ex2 thermal barcode printer is setting a new standard in the entry-level thermal printer market. Datamax has combined affordable printing, high quality performance, and the latest technology for all your printing demands.


Godex Barcode Label Printer

Godex EZ 1100 Plus Barcode Label Printer  
The EZ-1100Plus is ideally suited for these types of medium volume printing applications: Product labels ,Serial number labels ,Asset tracking labels ,Blood bag labels ,Specimen labels ,Microscope slide labels ,Medication container labels ,Evidence labels ,Shelf labels ,Electronics labels ,Wire markers ,Jewelry labels ,Sign printing ,Fabric and ribbon printing ,ID badge labels.

Godex G500 Barcode Label Printer  
If your printing requires a high output desktop thermal transfer printer, the G500 is the perfect solution. Industry-leading label and ribbon capacities, and the external media holder make the G500 a great fit for light manufacturing applications.The 300-meter ribbon can handle up to 4,000 labels, 4 x 3-inch, in a single session, without re-loading.